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SOIL Sangre de Cristo Loan Awards March, 2022 SOIL Sangre de Cristo Awards $21,000 Supporting Local

SOIL Sangre de Cristo investor members voted to award $21,000 in 0% Interest Loans to 4 entities in our region during the annual meeting recently.

Loans were awarded to Elevations Farm & Orchard, Elements Mountain Compost, Fungus Among Us, and Rocky Mountain Garlic.

SOIL Sangre de Cristo, a local nonprofit, allows community members to invest in our common good, to support the health of our environment, and have delicious high quality food available as the end result. SOIL Sangre de Cristo awards 0% interest loans to our local food producers by pooling our money and awarding the loans each year. Click on for more information.

The next round of loan awards will be in March, 2023, with applications accepted starting December 1, 2022.

SOIL Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally.


Become an Investor Member of SOIL Sangre de Cristo. Help build the loan fund for the next round of loans to our local food producers!

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