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Applying for a Loan

SOIL Sangre de Cristo is a member driven investment organization that supports local food producers in the South Central Region of Colorado. 

SOIL Sangre de Cristo provides 0% Interest Loans to people starting or growing food-related, for-profit, businesses in order to help increase the economic, health, social, environmental and other benefits that result from producing and eating food in the South Central Region of Colorado. The SOIL Sangre de Cristo review committee carefully discusses all the information that’s required to be provided by applicants prior to voting to disburse funds to qualifying clients. If you are interested in learning about borrowing from SOIL Sangre de Cristo please review the information below and contact SOIL Sangre de Cristo by completing the questionnaire.


Shareholders’ investments in SOIL Sangre de Cristo Revolving Loan Fund provide the capital that is loaned to qualifying farms and food-related businesses in South Central Colorado.

Food production creates jobs on farms and throughout the food system, increases food sufficiency, keeps money in our communities and provides economic stimulus to help invigorate rural communities.

Presenting the Loan Award
From Left: Ann Graham, Tylor Berreth, Liz Peuser Mary Ann Bavaria, PJ Bergin

SOIL Sangre de Cristo’s Vision

What You Can Expect

Who can qualify? “Food Producers” consist of farmers, ranchers and others who use local products to create new food products, such as preserves, pickled veggies and other types of edible food.

Producers should start the process by completing this questionnaire

Here’s what you can expect from the loan review process:

  1. Start by completing this questionnaire

  2. Our team will contact you to learn more about your financial needs and answer any questions you have

  3. Depending on your needs and situation, our team will assist you in completing our full loan application. We’ll work with you to establish an appropriate payback schedule.

  4. Payback schedules on the loans are customized to each applicants financial needs and cash flow.  Many loans have quarterly payment lasting 3-5 years depending on the amount of the loan.

  5. There is no limit to what an applicant can ask for in a loan.  It is the goal of SOIL Sangre de Cristo to support as many food producers as possible. 

  6. Once your application is complete, it will be submitted to the voting membership of SOIL Sangre de Cristo for approval.

  7. You’ll be invited to meet our members and present your loan request before membership votes on your application.

  8. Upon approval of the loan and return of signed promissory note, you will receive the funds within 10 business days.

  9. As a loan recipient, SOIL Sangre de Cristo will stay engaged with you for the length of the loan and after.  You will be invited to future meetings and events.  We will celebrate your success together!

  • What are the lending criteria?
    Recommendations for zero-interest loans will be prioritized largely on the following criteria: ● Makes the greatest impact on our local food economy ● Utilizes ethical business and regenerative land practices ● Demonstrates a strong commitment to community and collaboration ● Shows the ability to repay the loan within the agreed terms. SOIL Sangre de Cristo is not a bank. We are open to considering applicants that would otherwise have a difficult time finding funding.
  • How are the Monies allocated?
    Funds awarded to food producers are used for improving and expanding irrigation systems, wash stations, items to store and keep fresh harvested produce such as coolers, equipment to assist in managing the physical labor such as small tractors and hand tools, new equipment to enlarge overall productivity.
  • Information on Capital
    The loan fund is created from tax deductible contributions from community members and business sponsorships throughout the South Central Region of Colorado. These contributions go into a revolving loan fund. The contributions are used over and over again, going out to applicants as the loans are repaid.
  • Characteristics of Loans
    Loan awards range from $500 to $20,000 Loan Applications are accepted throughout the year with frequent awards to meet the needs of the food producers.
  • General Lending Criteria
    The applicant is a farmer member of SOIL Sangre de Cristo. The applicant can be located anywhere in the state of Colorado as long as the food produced is made available to communities in the South Central Region of Colorado. This can be accomplished through CSA programs, delivery and the Valley Roots Food Hub, among others.
  • What's the update/progress of the producers our loans have funded? I'd like to know if SOIL SDC members are making good loan decisions and appropriately supporting our producers so they can be successful.
    SOIL Sangre de Cristo Loan Awards 2020-2023 2020 Rocky Mountain Garlic, Salida, CO $5000 A “walk-in” for refrigeration was purchased with the funds along with a substantial “hoop” house to extend the growing season. 2021 Badger Creek Ranch, Salida/Coaldale, CO $5000 A used tractor was purchased with the loan funds to minimize the manual labor around the ranch and vegetable gardens. The owners Chrissy and Dave McFerran are able to supply much of their own produce to their guests during the summer who are staying at the ranch. Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy, Buena Vista, CO $10,000 The loan was used to enlarge the retail space at the dairy. This development was very important during the first few years of the pandemic, with the need for social distancing. Many visitors can be in the space and have access to purchasing the Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy products and swag and still feel “safe” with social distancing. Elevation Farm & Orchard, Alamosa, CO $5000 Tiffany and Armando Vigil are selling the greens and herbs grown in the vertical growing system through the SLV Valley Roots Food Hub and direct sales. With the loan from Soil Sangre De Cristo they were able to increase sales close to 10x.  Armando is now the head of the Education Department for the Rio Grande Farm Park.  He has been very instrumental in making contact with those farmers and others in the region, introducing them to SOIL Sangre de Cristo. Fungus Among Us, Westcliffe, CO $3500 The loan was used to install special growing lights and better insulation for the “mushroom grow house”, extending the growing season. The support he feels from the members of SOIL Sangre de Cristo has helped him sustain his vision of becoming a major mushroom supplier throughout this region. 2022 Rocky Mountain Garlic, Salida, CO $2500 Construction of a larger onsite market was the top priority for this 2 nd loan application. The new structure has greatly improved the income stream throughout early Spring into late Fall. Tiffany and Mike offered a “Winter CSA” for the first time in 2022. Tiffany is able to work full time for the farm, w/o having to hold a second, part time job too. The production has doubled since 2020. Elements Mountain Compost, Salida, CO $10,000 Julie Mach, owner, was just recently “entrepreneur of the year in Chaffee County. A new, automated sifter was purchased with the loan increasing capacity and efficiency to turn food and agricultural waste into compost. The number of customers (both who contribute material for compost and those who purchase the finished compost) has more than doubled since 2020. 2023 Alpine Valley Mushrooms, Saguache, CO $1000 Owners Tylor and Danielle Berreth used the funds to take the necessary courses and apply for USDA Organic Certification, which was granted in mid- 2023. The loan is paid in full. Alpine Valley Mushrooms, Saguache, CO $2380 A new application was submitted in July, 2023 for purchase for larger pieces of equipment to increase mushroom production. The owners are finding there is an endless market to sell the mushrooms. SLV Apothecary, Alamosa, CO $2640 A new glass-front refrigerator will be purchase so the store can carry mor local products that need to stay cool for freshness. SLV Apothecary specializes in local food products from suppliers throughout the South Central Region of Colorado.
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