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Who Chooses What We Eat?

When describing the benefits of having SOIL Sangre de Cristo in our community the word BIODIVERSITY is frequently used. When local food producers are supported, knowing they have a stable local market for their products, they are likely to grow diverse food items, tailored for our growing conditions and for us, their loyal customers.

Local provides the opportunity for us to taste and eat a variety of tomatoes, other vegetables, apples and other fruits. What is typically found in the grocery store today is what “corporate” buying offices find the easiest to sell across large regions with the least amount of effort on their part.

To them, it’s all about volume and mass marketing of what the biggest ag producers grow. They just pass along the shipping costs of a long transportation chain. And that only means more unripe produce, hardened for a long journey to your table. You get what they want to sell and not what you may want to eat.

Local farms that grow a biodiverse selection are more stable and productive. They have the ability to offer a nutritious variety of food to their customers AND help ensure financial stability that benefits us as well.

This is just one more reason to support our local farms and ranches by becoming an Investor Member of SOIL Sangre de Cristo. We are taking control of our food future and what we eat.

“A Community is Wealthy to the Extent

It Can Afford to Feed Itself”

“AHA!” - Woody Tasch

What happens when those big trucks stop rolling for a few days?

What do we eat? This area fed itself in the past.

Let’s support the local food producers and make it happen again.

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