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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

It is easy to feel the anxiety in the town of Salida where I live. This same feeling extends to the state of Colorado where Salida is located. It shows during a broadcast of a Denver news program I sometimes listen to. Usually the program, unlike “typical” news, shows the other, more positive, events in Colorado. For the past 6 months (has it been only that long?!) the message has shown while sheltering and being with family, Coloradoans are thinking more about the environment, a little less about consumerism and a whole lot about others who may be less fortunate than themselves.

Thoughts have been when we all get out of this mess it will be different this time. This situation with the pandemic and all that has changed our lives so quickly will really make an impact on the residents of Colorado.

But will it?

This is where the feeling of anxiety comes in. With many businesses and restaurants opening up there seems to be, with the actions of many people, all is back to normal. Employees in these establishments are working very hard to keep their restaurants and stores safe for themselves and visitors, but with much caution and lots of care.

They are aware many in our state are still getting sick.

If there is a time to start thinking about how our life styles and care for each other needs to change, this is the time.

Enter Woody Tasch and the publication of his new e-book

Woody is the founder of the Slow Money Institute in Boulder, CO. He also helped found the model of SOIL. Using this model, SOIL Sangre de Cristo generates the 0% interest loans to farmers, ranchers and small food producers with funds built by community members.

“AHA!”…. is a free, on-line book you can read anytime.

To encourage you to do this here is a quote from the book by Woody Tasch:

Page 21, “But it is definitely the moment to do what we can to begin making sure this time is different. Which means opening our hearts and minds to a whole new vision of nurture, culture and cultivation.”

Please join me in welcoming Woody and SOIL Sangre de Cristo to the South Central Colorado Region.

Now is our time to begin making these changes we want to see in our new future.

Thank you,

PJ Bergin and the Steering Committee

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