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We Can MAXIMIZE the $$$ The Mighty Arrow Family Foundation will gift SOIL SANGRE de CRISTO!

SOIL Sangre de Cristo envisions a community of abundance for all. We appreciate life to its fullest and nurture the environment surrounding us. It is a cultivation of respect for each other and our community. SOIL Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally

You believe in the mission of SOIL Sangre de Cristo.

You believe in Regenerative Agricultural Practices.

You believe in a resilient and diverse local food economy.

Take this opportunity to revitalize and support the local food economy!

This is how YOU can help

· Become a MEMBER

· If you are already a MEMBER, THANK YOU. Please INCREASE Your CONTRIBUTION To Grow the Fund

· Encourage Friends and Family Members to Join SOIL Sangre de Cristo today!

Every contribution is matched with a 50% contribution by the Mighty Arrow Family Foundation.

Let’s show them our gratitude by accepting their challenge to raise the rest of the $12,000 by the end of this month!

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