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The SOIL Sangre de Cristo Community is making it Happen! 50% of the Goal is IN!

Be A Part of Maximizing the Potential of SOIL Sangre de Cristo!

Our community chooses to eat local, nourishing food grown with sustainable practices by regional food producers.

"When we align with life’s rhythms we will regenerate the health and potential of our soils, our souls and societies for future generations to come." Tre' Cates

This is where Nurture Capital comes in. Nurture Capital is an investment model putting focus on a person-to-person level. It works to maximize social impact, community health and wellbeing. The return on your investment is a stronger, healthier community with a network of local food producers who are there for us.

Now is Our Time to ACT! Our community can control more and more of what we eat. Invest in our Local Food Producers for fresh, nutritious food sustaining the community food chain for all of us.

Add to the revolving loan fund by purchasing another membership for yourself or a friend. This contribution can make a large impact. Become a Member. You can participate in the organization or not. We invite you to join the mission of SOIL Sangre de Cristo. Talk about our goal. Invite your friends and neighbors to join SOIL Sangre de Cristo for the benefits they will receive in a stronger community.

With the outpouring of support from the community SOIL Sangre de Cristo has loaned $41,000 to regional farmers and ranchers(highlight link to website loan page). This positive influx of support ensures us of more local, healthy food available to all! Your investments enable our farming and ranching community to strengthen and expand the diversity of the products available to us. Thank you!

SOIL (Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally)

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