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Local Investing- Adrian Reif

If you want to get directly involved with companies or people in your community that can impact our future, you can invest directly in them. New regulations allow everyday investors to invest as little as $250 through equity crowdfunding platforms and help you find local investments.

Platforms like WeFunder, Republic, CuttingEdgeX, or Investibule can help you find local, minority-owned, or climate-innovative companies that are raising capital.

SOIL Sangre de Cristo is an amazing example of a grassroots group making it easy for folks to invest in their local food shed.

If climate change is a challenge you’re tackling, there’s nothing better than local food and resilient food producers to lower your footprint – and help others lower theirs.

Local investing is an amazing opportunity to jumpstart innovative companies and have direct line of sight into your investments.

Here are some examples of other world-changing companies that have raised money from everyday investors like you. Here are a few examples:

  • Everytable—Fresh, healthy, affordable fast food

  • Farm from a Box—Off-grid technology for agriculture

  • LPP Fusion—2 billion degree fusion generator that could replace fossil fuels

  • Malibu Compost —First biodynamic bagged compost

  • Blokable—High-performance modular homes

  • Ganaz—App that connects farmworkers with the best farm jobs

I am a big proponent of supporting bold and innovative companies, because if we want to reverse climate change, we’re going to need bold new approaches to energy, transportation, housing, food, and more.

Your money is a powerful tool. I hope you’ll take a look at how it’s invested and find investments that supercharge your efforts toward solving climate change.

Adrian Reif wrote The Do-Gooder's Guide to Investing: Grow Your Money While Investing in Renewable Energy, Affordable Housing, Local Communities, and More to help everyday folks align their money and their values. It will show you how to earn more while making a greater impact, earn dividends from renewable energy, and create an investing strategy that grows in any market. It’s become a go-to resource for learning how to invest sustainably and responsibly. He’s also the founder of Incredible, an innovation studio that helps companies, foundations, and governments uncover new potential for social and environmental change.

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