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Getting Close! $17,000 to Go!

Updated: May 29

30 days to Reach the GOAL!

The 50% Match Ends on June 30th.

Growing Local Food With Slow Money

In towns and cities across North America, a quiet revolution is underway. Fed up with sending their money off to make a fast buck in faraway markets in which there is NO Control, people are putting their money to work where they live, in markets they trust and understand – starting with food.

SOIL Sangre de Cristo is an All-Volunteer Organization.  97.5% of your contribution goes directly into the revolving loan fund.  All contributions are matched 50% by the Mighty Arrow Family Foundation and are fully tax deductible.

Ways to Help Make the June 30 Goal:

  • Become a Member

  • SOIL Sangre de Cristo is a membership driven organization.  Investor Members meet the loan applicants and vote on the loan each quarter.

  • Purchase a Gift Membership

  • Is there someone special in your life who will be interested in SOIL Sangre de Cristo?  Purchase a Gift Membership as a tribute to them.  The will receive an acknowledgement of your tax deductible gift and become Investor Members with all the benefits.

  • Encourage Friends, Family Members …

  • Several Investor Members live on the front range.  They support SOIL Sangre de Cristo with their knowledge of how inter-connected our environment and food resources are.  They know the importance of investing in communities who are making a difference in the quality of life in their state.

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