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Building SOIL in High Plateau of Central Colorado

Tiffany Colette turns dry, sandy soil into her working partner while coaxing delicious, beautiful vegetables out of the ground in the high, desert of Central Colorado. Tiffany will be the SOIL Sangre de Cristo guest speaker, 2/25, 7pm for the SOIL Sangre de Cristo “Speaker Series”. The co-owner of Rocky Mountain Garlic will discuss how she and her husband Mike turned a neglected horse pasture into a bio intensive, no till, permanent bed, vegetable cropping system. These are the techniques known as “regenerative farming”. By incorporating manure, compost, mulch, cover crops and rotating into a system to feed the soil and suppress weeds, a high quality desert crop can be produced. Benefits to our environment are added by reversing climate change with rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.

As Tiffany says “it is not just about THE Garlic!” It is about the SOIL that surrounds the garlic plant.

Please join SOIL Sangre de Cristo on Thursday February 25, 2021 to meet

Tiffany Collette, co-owner of Rocky Mountain Garlic to listen about her adventures in farming in the high climate of South-Central Colorado. Bring your questions to help with your garden adventures for this season.

Please click on to RSVP and receive the link for the virtual event. Thank you.

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