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April “Speaker Series” Liz Carlisle & Jessica Larriva Members Colorado GRAIN CHAIN

Please join us Thursday, April 22 when Liz Carlisle from the Environmental Studies Program of the University of California, Santa Barbara and Jessica Larriva of Tumbleweed Bread Co. in Monte Vista will be the guest speakers. Liz is a member of the Colorado “Grain Chain”. Jessica uses local heritage grains as an ingredient for the breads she delivers to customers throughout the San Luis Valley. The health benefits of using heritage grains for ourselves and the environment are huge and will be discussed. Liz will also explain the history of heritage grains and their connection with the small flour mills that proliferated in the United States during the late 1800’s. The “Speaker Series” will be held at 7pm, 4/22.

To receive the Zoom Link for the virtual event

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Fresh Baked Bread from the Ovens of Tumbleweed Bread, Monte Vista, CO!

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