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$12,000 to Make the Goal!

Thank you for your contributions!

Special Thank you to Andrea Coen, Jody Bol, Jane Templeton, Kirsten Wulfsberg and the Bernoudy Family fund

All contributions are fully tax deductible and will be matched 50% by the Mighty Arrow Family Foundation.

The Members of SOIL Sangre de Cristo are committed to promoting and providing strategic and responsible funding for food production and distribution in order to increase access to a sustainable local food supply. Food production creates jobs on farms and throughout the food system. It also increases food sufficiency and keeps money in our region of South Central Colorado while providing stimulus to help reinvigorate rural communities.

For the first 4 years of SOIL Sangre de Cristo the Mighty Arrow Family Foundation has unconditionally supported our mission with a 50 % match on EVERY Contribution. 

This generous funding will end on June 30th this year. 

Help SOIL Sangre de Cristo make the most of the maximum dollars in the grant agreement.


Now is the time to ACT!

Ways to Help:

SOIL Sangre de Cristo is a membership driven organization.  Investor Members meet the loan applicants and vote on the loan each quarter.


Is there someone special in your life who will be interested in SOIL Sangre de Cristo?  Purchase a Gift Membership as a tribute to them.  The will receive an acknowledgement of your tax deductible gift and become Investor Members with all the benefits.


Encourage Friends, Family Members …

Several Investor Members live on the front range.  They support SOIL Sangre de Cristo with their knowledge of how inter-connected our environment and food resources are.  They know the importance of investing in communities who are making a difference in the quality of life in their state.

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