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News from October 2020 Loan Awardee

Rocky Mountain Garlic applied for and received a Zero interest loan from SOIL Sangre de Cristo in October of 2020. With these monies we have been empowered to grow our operation in new ways. We are expanding the vegetables we grow at the farm. Adding more root crops as well as lettuce, peas, cabbage and kohlrabi. These additional crops require a better washing station. Which is being built near the new farm stand. We are also building an 8X8 foot refrigeration space to hold the vegetables at their preferred temperature. This helps us deliver a much fresher, longer lasting product. With these new improvements we are poised to fill the market with local, fresh, nutritious vegetables. We offer a sincere thank you to SOIL Sangre de Cristo and all of its members. We are really looking forward to serving you this season.

Tiffany Colette, Rocky Mountain Garlic, April 2021

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