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Meet Members Max and Jane, The Triangle Oasis, Salida, CO

The Triangle Oasis was founded by Max Keller in 2018 with the intention of creating more access to nutritious food for Chaffee County and Colorado residents. The first two years were spent with farming being more of a side exploration, doing market research, finding appropriate vegetable varieties, refining efficiencies, figuring planting and harvesting strategies while searching for and defining potential markets. This year however, with the current shortages from the global economy, as well as the closing of another very large local farm, The Triangle Oasis leapfrogged into an incredible and vast opportunity. As of this year, they are able to offer a diverse variety of salad greens and vegetables to Chaffee County farmers markets and other direct to consumer markets nearby, they are also able to send several hundred pounds a week of salad greens to other Colorado communities. “We all just feel this overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity laying in front of us, a chance to provide real nourishment to our communities while doing what we love”, said Max.

The Triangle Oasis scaled their operation tremendously this season and has many more steps in line to get to the level they aim for. Putting effort toward growing year-round, the focus now is on season extension and getting resources that will support the current goal. Max and his employees all feel a deep drive to making sure their community is well fed throughout the coming winter season and beyond.

Currently you can find the Triangle Oasis at the Foodshed Alliance Farmers Market on Saturday and Sundays. They also happily welcome volunteers to the farm who want to get more connected with their food. If you want to stay tuned with their plans on how they will be getting food into the hands of locals throughout the winter, be sure to follow them on Facebook @TheTriangleOasis or Instagram @TheTriangleOasisProject or stop by one of the markets in Salida or Buena Vista.

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