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Guest, October “Speaker Series” Andrea Earley Coen

I am thrilled for the invitation to be this month's upcoming speaker for Soil Sangre de Cristo's speaker series. Guidestone Colorado is dedicated to growing a vibrant agricultural future through education, community building, and partnerships. As the Executive Director, I will be speaking of Guidestone's programming, with a focus on the newly-established Chaffee Local Food Coalition, and the partnerships between Guidestone, SOIL Sangre de Cristo and other food based organizations in the county. The synergy created in working together will build the strength of our local food suppliers, encouraging communication and cooperation between all groups.

Please join me to learn more about this vision of how the Chaffee Local Food Coalition will empower our community with increasing food access while championing our local producers in building an integrated system ensuring us all access to healthy local food.

Andrea Coen

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